Parent Coaching / Virtual Parent Coaching
Our parent coaches provide a committed service to families that have children removed from the home or are soon to be returned to the home. The coach meets with families virtually and in home to monitor, observe and teach parents practical Love Based Parenting Skills that can be used to heal dsy-function within the family. They report to FAPT, Court Services Unit, Judges, and or Probation as needed to educate all interested parties as to the true nature of problems that exist within the home and the corrective measures that have been implemented. Initially, services are usually 6 to 10 hours per week to educate parents on: fear, stress and trauma effects on the body and brain.
Supervised Visitation
Supervised visitation can be used as a step down service for custodial and non custodial parents. The
goal is to offer parenting advice as well as eliminating conflict during parental interaction. Supervised
visitation is often court ordered by a guardian ad litem. The counselor will observe and report sessions
to case managers or GAL’s. The final goal of supervised visitation is to eliminate supervision. With
effective parenting the natural flow of co-parenting will be established.

Parent Education /Support Group Parental Visitation Services
This is a 12 week open enrollment course for parents to learn the effects of fear, stress and trauma on the body and brain. In addition to education, this course offers support to the family and helps them understand where their behaviors originate. There is a process for change and it will occur as parents develop a new norm that recognizes fear, stress and trauma as the main source of behaviors. Parents are given the tools to master their two main jobs of raising children, which is taking care of themselves and teaching their children values and standards.

Parents learn:
  • Behaviors are a language
  • Commitment, Consciousness, and Consequences
  • Reading is a fundamental element to changing behavior patterns
Mentoring / Adolescent Skill Building
​Our mentors support and encourage boys and girls to maximize their potential, improve their emotional and cognitive maturity, and develop their relationships in the community and within the family. These qualities build a structured and trusting relationship between the mentor and mentee. As a result, the two are brought together in a caring manner, which produces guidance, support, advice, and encouragement aimed at the development of core competences, character, and integrity of the mentee. Goal setting is an essential part in the success of this program, which is related to their Treatment Plan. We support individuals in foster care prevention, CHINS, FINS, Post-detention and other backgrounds.