Established in January of 2016 provides co-parenting, mentoring, educational groups, and mediation to help preserve the family unit. QFS at its core strives to provide a high standard of services with a philosophy centered around loved based model.

Our home based services such as Mentoring is for children and some adults. Children in foster care, foster care prevention, FINS, CHINS, post adoption and post detention, with an overall all goal of returning home or remaining in the home all qualify for our services.

Co-parenting works to build the adult and child relationship by educating the parent on communication skills and effective parenting techniques. Educational groups are available as a free support for parents and occasionally teens.

Mediation can also be requested for parents who either have court involvement or striving to prevent court involvement. We strive to prevent disruption before it occurs or help the child return to the home setting. The goal is to achieve this by looking at a Family Focused Intervention not Child Focused intervention.